RQC owns two Petroleum Products Laboratories, on the Năvodari platform and on the Vega platform (Ploiești).

Petroleum Products Laboratories

This laboratory offers a full range of tests for product quality analysis, according to product requirements of national and international standards. The laboratory provides complete laboratory testing services of solid, liquid and gaseous petroleum products. 

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The Petroleum Products Laboratory is divided into specific technical units (TU Chromatography, TU Special Analysis, TU Manufacturing, TU Analytical), covering the entire range of analyzes for all types of samples, as follows:


Performing physical tests of  liquid petroleum products (density, distillation, viscosity, oxidation stability of gasoline, inflammation, freezing, etc.), ignition of petrol and diesel fuels (octane and cetane number), etc.


Performs composition determination of gaseous and liquid petroleum products, determination of  the hydrocarbons grades in petrol (PONA / PIONA), determination of the benzene content and oxygenated gasoline compounds, determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in diesel, etc by chromatographic method.


Performs special and spectral tests of liquid, gaseous and solid petroleum products (determination of sulfur content, oxidation stability for diesel, content of gums, residual carbon, metal content, hydrocarbon groups in liquid samples, etc.),

In recent years, Rompetrol Quality Control has developed the necessary skills for testing essential parameters of coal. Specific analyses of coal (power, humidity, volatility, ashes, sulphides, metals) are the main analyses used in calculating combustion power and controlling the gas emissions in the atmosphere.

At the same time, our laboratories also offer analysis of natural gas / blast furnace gas, in order to calculate the greenhouse gas emission factor.

In order to be in line with the new market trends in the non-polluting products (biofuels) analysis Rompetrol Quality Control has developed and implemented analysis of biodiesel and bioethanol. The Petroleum Products Laboratory is accredited for taking samples from pump pistols at fueling stations and in other commercial distribution points, according to the SR EN 14275:2013 standard.

Vega Ploiesti Petroleum Products Laboratory

This laboratory provides tests of liquid petroleum products, bitumen samples, solvents, n-hexane.

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The Vega Petroleum Products Laboratory is divided into specialized technical units as well, its activity being structured according to tests that are carried out.


Manufacturing – performs physical and chemical tests of petroleum products – raw materials, process materials, finished products (density, distillation, freezing, flash point, filterability temperature, viscosity, color, etc.), specific tests of bitumen (ring and ball softening points, penetration, Fraass breaking point, RTFOT heating stability, etc.).


Performs special and spectral tests with a high degree of complexity of liquid petroleum products and bitumen (sulfur content, bromine count / number, kinematic viscosity, residual carbon, ash content, hydrocarbon classes, aniline point, neutralization index, solubility in organic solvents, paraffin content, etc.).


Provides chromatographic tests of determining the composition of liquid petroleum products (benzine and solvent fractions), benzene content, aromatic hydrocarbons, n-hexane, NMP content (extraction solvent for obtaining ecological solvents), as well as the content of saturated, aromatic and polar compounds in thin layer by  chromatographic method.

The activity in all technical units within the Vega Petroleum Products Laboratory takes place in a continuous flow, ensuring fast processing of the results required and the guarantee of full confidentiality.