Rompetrol Quality Control and Adevarul Verde partnership for free testing of the water, soil and air in various areas of Romania

The environmental status monitoring program was one of amplitude, covering the entire country. A team of RQC specialists went to the majors cities of the country with the mobile lab, which was positioned in the center of each town. Here measurements of the atmospheric pollutants were made. At the same time, water and soil samples were taken to verify the amount of pollutants. 

Soil samples were collected from the city center, even from the green areas, and water samples were taken either from associations of tenants, from public institutions (from the central drinking water supply system) or from fountains, having the owners as witnesses to these operations.

Their main objective is to ensure the protection and health of the environment, as well as to preserve the specific microclimate in which operate.

The results of the laboratory tests were published in the Adevarul Verde.