Environment project- Rompetrol and Mare Nostrum present the state of the environment

Rompetrol and  the ecological NGO Mare Nostrum conducted during July 10 - August 21, 2005 the campaign "Rompetrol and Mare Nostrum presents the State of the Environment", dedicated to the local community and the seaside tourists.  The project consisted in monitoring the quality parameters of the air and water in the most crowded areas of Constanta, Mamaia resort and Năvodari children camp. Through the Rompetrol Quality Control Division, the analyzes were carried out, and through the QHSE Department within Rompetrol Rafinare, inspections to assess the state of the environment have been ensured.

In turn, Mare Nostrum monitored water-air sampling and analyzes by elaborating the final assessment report.The results of the analyzes were presented to the public by media. Environmental status evaluation bulletins were also made available to local authorities with responsibilities in the field of environmental protection and scientific research institutions, respectively: Constanta Environmental Protection Agency, Romanian Waters National Company - "Dobrogea - Litoral" Water Directorate and National Institute for Marine Development Research "Grigore Antipa" Constanta, to complete the databases and use them for scientific purposes.